Bible Classs

                                  KEY LEARNINGS: BIBLE 


Learn about the Life of Jesus and how to be like Jesus 
• Understand studying the Bible can lead to knowing God and learning to be like Him 
• Understand that the God family – “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit” - work in 
perfect unity, yet are separate and unique beings 
• Know that God is the Creator of the Universe and that He is everywhere at once and all-knowing  
• Learn the story of the origin of sin and God’s plan of salvation 
• Realize the benefit from following Christ’s example in one’s daily life 
• Understand that God depends on individuals to spread the Good News of salvation 
• Understand how to show one’s commitment to God  
• Know that people have similar spiritual gifts found in the Bible characters 
• Understand the freedom to choose good or evil 
• Explain the importance of prayer and praise 
• Develop a spirit of thankfulness 
• Know that Jesus is coming back


Belonging to His Family:  The Heavenly Family, Families of the Bible and the Church 
• Understand that studying the Bible leads to understanding God 
• Begin to be familiar with the way the Bible is organized  
• Identify the “three-in-one” members of the God family, and their individual ministry
• Understand that God is worthy of adoration and trust
• Know that God is the creator, and still loves and cares for individuals
• Understand that before the Fall, Adam and Eve lived in the perfect light of God’s presence
• Know that eternal death is the consequence of sin
• Identify spiritual gifts given to Old Testament Bible characters
• Know the story of how the Seventh-day Adventist church began
• Understand the importance of being an active witness for Jesus
• Understand Jesus will reunite all families who love Him 


Exploring His Power:  Through Creation, the Israelites, Jesus and the Early Church
• Identify Bible organization (book, chapters and verses)
• Know that Bible lessons can be used to help in everyday life
• Know that God is everywhere, all-powerful and all-knowing
• Understand that the “God Family” created the world, one way God reveals Himself to humanity
• Understand that Adam and Eve were created to have a perfect relationship with God
• Know the story of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection
• Realize that salvation is a free gift when accepting Jesus as Savior
• Understand that although sins are forgiven, there are still consequences to choices
• Identify one’s spiritual gifts and acknowledge those given to others
• Understand that a consistent prayer life brings peace, protection and answers 
• Know that God wants people to trust Him to provide all needs
• Understand that worship and obedience is a natural response to Christ’s work in one’s life
• Understand the importance of preparing for Christ’s return
• Know that God has forgiven and has the power to resurrect


Accepting His Plan:  The Plan of Redemption, God’s plan for the church and for the individual
• Understand the importance of studying scripture in daily life 
• Know who the “three-in-one” members of the God-family are and their individual roles 
• Understand that God and the angels He created lived in heaven in perfect harmony before sin 
• Understand that sin and its effects are the result of the universal conflict between God and Satan 2                                                                                                              
• Know that death is a consequence of sin, but God has power to raise the dead from their graves 
• Explain Jesus’ role as Messiah, Savior and Redeemer in the plan of salvation 
• Know that Christians are part of God’s family and have a responsibility to witness/serve others 
• Understand that all people are equal in God’s sight and are accepted into the Family of God 
• Know how God has worked in history to preserve the Christian church 
• Understand that each person has spiritual gifts and talents 
• Know that the power to make right choices is provided by grace 
• Understand that Jesus is coming for all who have chosen to follow Him and will live with Him 
through eternity


Following His Way:  God the Creator, Sustainer and Friend 
• Understand that the Bible contains a powerful message for humanity 
• Know the structure and divisions of the Bible 
• Understand that the “Fruit of the Spirit” portrays God’s character  
• Understand and accept the free gift of salvation 
• Know the importance of developing and exercising faith in Jesus as the Messiah and Savior 
• Realize the importance of preparing for a mission and service for God 
• Identify specific spiritual gifts given to important New Testament characters 
• Understand that God has a plan for everyone’s life and will lead people to develop a Christ-like character 
• Understand that expressions of adoration are an important part of worship 
• Understand the importance of examining and accepting God’s unconditional love and forgiveness 
• Know that worship and obedience are a natural response to God’s gift of salvation 


Fruit of the Spirit:  Applying these gifts to real life 
• Know that each person has been given unique talents and spiritual gifts by God 
• Understand that God always was and will always be a God of love 
• Understand that God created humanity with the power of choice 
• Know that God’s character of love is revealed through His laws and interaction with His people 
• Understand that the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament 
• Understand the covenant relationship God initiated with His people and the role of faith,        
repentance, and forgiveness 
• Recognize the importance of showing kindness toward and acceptance of people who are 
• Recognize that as the Holy Spirit works in lives of people, people become more and more like 
Jesus and will reflect His love and goodness to others 
• Understand that God continues to offer the gift of salvation  
• Understand the importance of daily commitment to God - relying on His power for a victorious life 


Christ – Our Life:  His Teaching, Death, Resurrection and the Early Church 
• Identify the Bible as God’s way of communicating who He is to humanity 
• Demonstrate how to use aides for greater understanding when studying the Bible 
• Understand that God is omnipotent, omniscient and infinite, yet is affected by one’s response to 
• Explain the relationship of God, heaven and the angels to Jesus and His life on earth 
• Know what the great controversy is and how the plan of salvation relates to it 
• Know the gospel story and why it is important to accept Jesus as Savior and model one’s life after 
• Understand the importance of baptism and becoming a part of God’s family 
• Explain the mission of the church and the importance of using one’s spiritual gifts to share the 
• Understand the early development of the Christian Church 3


God is the Victor:  Through Creation, Sin, the Plan of Salvation, the Life of Christ and History of the 
Seventh-day Adventist church 
• Understand the nature of God as taught in the scriptures 
• Know what the Bible teaches about the origin of sin and God’s plan of salvation 
• Explain the biblical account of creation and God’s relationship to man as his Creator 
• Understand the causes and results of the flood 
• Understand why pain and suffering exist from an universal viewpoint 
• Explain why God established a chosen people through Abraham and his family 
• Understand the need for a written law and the role of the desert sanctuary as a teaching device 
for the Israelites 
• Describe how God continued to pursue His people through Israel’s experience as a nation and 
their repeated rejection of God as their leader 
• Know the major events in the life of Jesus and the basic values and tenants of His teaching 
• Understand the history and spread of Christianity from the early church through the Reformation 
• Explain the development of the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines concerning the sanctuary and 
the second coming of Jesus 


Into His Likeness:  Through the Trinity, Personal Relationship with Jesus and Practical Christianity 
• Explain the role of inspiration in the formation of the Bible as it was written and preserved  
• Describe the concept of the Trinity and identify the characteristic of each member 
• Understand the importance of faith, commitment and a dynamic relationship with Jesus 
• Know the fundamental Seventh-day Adventist beliefs 
• Explain the importance of developing relationships with others based on Christian values 
• Know how to apply Christian principles to one’s daily life